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[1. what is on the opposite side of the Earth (e.g. Australia toward Europe), a man toward another man on the opposite side of the Earth]

[2. one that has opposite views or character toward another one (e.g. he is his antipode)]

antìpōd publishing was founded in 2018 and from the very beginning has set up a clear publishing program – antìpōd publishes the high quality belles-lettres of Croatian and foreign authors. When it comes to editing books we look very carefully at every detail, from selecting titles and translators, through work on text, to design and print quality, and we keep up to date with modern technologies.

antìpōd publishing

Owner: Ana Tot

Address: P. Zoranića 30, 31207 Tenja


VAT: HR56705651047

IBAN: HR2224020061140324066

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